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Design and applications in all interior space textures special to venue and project;

After gratuated from Mimar Sinan University Textile Design Branch in 1986 she did various professional studies in Italy and Switzerland .

Then she entered  into professional business life. Since’ 86 and worked in firld from yarn  to fabric,  garment to knit. She worked as an director and a designer.

Since 2010 she established her own brand name and tailoring house. She signed of  many textile projects  of the domestic and foreign houses, hotels, boats, and official institutions and contribute to palace textile applications. Currently, operating in the field of project-based textile designs with her team at Nişantaşı office and workshop. Doing boutique designs unique for the induviduals residances and hotel projects.

As of the summer of 2016 she has prepared a collection of retail products under her own brand name, mostly based on linen , tencel, modal and cotton products.

At the same time she serves as lecturer at Mimar Sinan University  and duties as a jury at various ATHİB(Mediterranean Textile and Raw Materials Exporters’Association)and UTİB ( Uludağ Textile Exporters Association) fabrics and home textiles competitions.

She is married, has a daughter and a son.