“What really excites me is the opportunity to enhance an interior… Sometimes that is in the detail of how we manufacture the fabrics, and sometimes it is in the inclusion of an extra design detail. Every project is truly a new adventure for us”

Muge Krespi lives and breathes textiles…
At an early age she was inspired by her artist grandfather to pursue a career in the arts; her interest in fabrics lead her to studying textiles in Istanbul and Switzerland (HANGI SEHIR), which then lead her initially into the fashion industry.

Working for some of Turkey’s top brands in fashion, such as Vakko, Titiz and
Altinyildiz, she not only built a very strong foundation, but was also a vital part of modernising textiles manufacturing. Later on she switched over to working in interiors when she was asked to design, produce and install all the furnishings and soft furnishings for the the Presidential
Summer Palace in Azerbaijan.

Further to that project Muge built her own business to serve the interiors sector, bringing technical and creative knowhow to many inspiring projects.
She has a very ‘can do’ approach and merges her very varied experience with an ability to highlight details that take projects to another level.
She enjoys being a role model, not only to her children but also to upcoming
generations by sharing her knowledge and wisdom at The University of Fine Arts in Istanbul.